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Have you heard of Lovaganza? No? Well, Lovaganza is an amazing, ambitious project that is dedicated to gathering music and the creative arts of many cultures, bundling them all up, and taking them on a trip around the world.

Lovaganza is a showcase of sorts. It gives people a chance to experience cultures from all over the globe in the hopes that it will promote a feeling of unification and appreciation for our similarities and differences.

There is an army of people that are involved in the creation that is Lovaganza. The design team plays one of the most important roles. Without a cohesive theme and a dramatic visual representation of what Lovaganza is, the project could not only falter, but fail entirely. People are by nature visual beings. We judge first with our eyes so first impressions are incredibly important to events such as this one.

If your target audience doesn’t “get” what you are all about and you fail to gain their attention, your project could be at risk.

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That is not the case here. The graphic design team of Lovaganza led by Javier Martinez has definitely hit the mark. Based on ideas and samplings provided by Lovaganza, Javier has created a rendition of what the people can expect when visiting the event. He decided to present the project as a panoramic view. It shows the entire concept in one sweeping view. Though the venue in each country will be different, the basic layout is the same.

Huge red and white tents that are reminiscent of the big top circuses of the past are visually spectacular. The whole thing has an air of fun and youth and being carefree. The artist’s rendition makes you want to be there. It projects a feeling of celebration and good times.

The sense of lighthearted fun that the design theme has achieved belies the serious ambitions of the project; world unity and peace.

The Lovaganza event promises to be not only a lot of fun, but also a source of great enlightenment and knowledge regarding foreign cultures. Keep an eye out for the 2020 schedule of Lovaganza shows so you can make your plans to attend. It is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience.

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