The Study Of Comparative Law And Sujit Choudhry

There are many types of law. However, there is one type that seems to be a mystery to many. Comparative law is the study of the similarities and differences in the legal systems of other countries. Some of the legal systems that are studied are civil law, common law, canon law, Jewish law, socialist law, Hindu law, Islamic law, and Chinese law. Comparative law analyzes foreign legal systems. Comparative law has seen a recent resurgence, resulting from current internationalism, democratization, and economic globalization. Comparative law can be traced back to Europe, during the 18th century. One of the earliest founders of comparative law is Montesquieu. Sir Henry Maine is a more modern figure of comparative law. Sir Henry Maine was a British legal historian. In 1869, the University of Oxford held a class on the subject of comparative law. Sir Henry Maine was the professor for that class. This was the first university course of its kind. In the United States, comparative law was brought to the forefront by a legal scholar named Rudolf Schlesinger. Rudolf Schlesinger became the professor of comparative law at Cornell Law School.

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There are various branches of comparative law such as comparative civil law, comparative constitutional law, comparative administrative law, and comparative commercial law. Many people study these various branches to get a better understanding of the legal systems that are in effect in other countries, to improve the legal systems that are already taking place, and to contribute to the legal systems that are already in place. While comparative law is different than all other areas of law, it can be a great help to the the other legal systems. They both go hand in hand, in terms of how they operate and how the types of law function together and apart.


Sujit Choudhry is an attorney who specializes in comparative constitutional law. Currently, Mr. Choudhry is a professor at UC Berkeley School of Law. Prior to that position, Sujit Choudhry was the Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law for two years. He was the first person of Indian origin to accomplish that feat.  Check on

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His professional legal career has also lead him to New York University School of Law, where he was a professor and the University of Toronto, where he was a faculty chair.  Follow Choudhry on

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Mike Baur’s Role in Funding Startups

Mike Baur is a successful businessman and co-founder of Swiss Start-up Factory. The factory is the number one independent and privately financed early stage ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. At the firm he the CEO and is responsible for fundraising and financing rounds. Mr. Baur has an experience of over 20 years in Swiss Private Banking where he started out as an apprentice at UBS Wealth Management. He later worked for other banks like Clariden Leu and Sallfort Privatbank before ending up as an executive board member of a leading Swiss Private Bank. After working a while in the banking sector, he quit to venture into entrepreneurship and together with his two other partners they founded Swiss Start-up Factory.


Based in Zurich, Swiss Startup Factory was started in 2014 to identify and support digital early and late stage startups. They achieve this goal by taking the entrepreneurs through a three-month accelerator program that equips them with all the skills they require to actualize and improve on their ideas. In this period the ideas are examined keenly to make sure they are innovative and have the ability to compete in the global marketplace. This program gives the entrepreneurs coaching in critical areas such as business strategy, finance, and office space. In matters finance, advice is offered on how to handle bookkeeping, invoice management, payroll administration and cash flow analysis. They also receive mentorship from top professionals in their industries of interest so as familiarize and build entrepreneurial networks while at it. At times they are linked with investors who provide funding for their ideas. A five-month post accelerator support is provided so as to monitor and evaluate the Startups.


Mike Baur was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland where he developed a liking for banking and finance subjects as a teenager. His particular love of the subjects led him to study Bachelor of Applied Science, Banking, and Finance at the University of Applied Sciences Bern where he graduated. He later got an Executive MBA from the University of Bern and an MBA from University of Rochester New York. Mr. Baur spends a lot of time in Swiss Entrepreneurship and supports many startups through mentorship and finance. His efforts have enabled many of them to confidently venture in their Startups registering a lot of success in the end. The whole career of Mike Baur from banking to startup investments was profiled by Wall Street Journal in 2016.


Afro and L: Anime’s Most Authentic Characters


Anime is home to some of the best and most unique story-telling. Their stories are filled with heroines and heroes who are multi-faceted and quite genuine. Each character is perfectly sculpted to create an amalgamation of realism and shortcomings that make them easy to love and hate.


Afro Samurai is a perfect example of anime ninja shows. Afro is a bad ass on his own, but his alter ego Ninja Ninja gives him a quirky edge. Ninja Ninja gives florid commentary to most of what Afro does and creates a dichotomy that shows who Afro is and what makes him tick. Afro Samurai features the first black male title character and is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. If that alone doesn’t make Afro one of the best anime characters, I don’t know what will.  It’s also one of the best black cartoons around.


One of the best horror anime characters is L from Death Note. Many may feel that L is just “another character”, but he is so much more than that. His emotional realism and very human-like coping skills make him one of the more believable aspects of Death Note. L uses a monotone voice to shield any possible emotion and uses his work to express himself. It is through these actions that show how real and emotional anime characters can be.


Afro Samurai and Death Note only graze the surface of the best characters around. When it comes to anime, the fans are some of the most deeply knowledgeable around. There will be disagreements, but that’s what makes anime fun.


How Ricardo Tosto Built One of Brazil’s Great Law Firms

In a piece in the Brazilian legal website JournalJurid, marketing consultant Monique Conde discusses the state of Brazilian law firms. According to Conde, any law firm, whether large or small, will clearly state its mission and values on its website and brochures. But as Conde points out, most lawyers don’t stop to dig a little deeper into what these terms mean. According to Conde, a mission refers to the whole point of the law firm’s existence: What sort of law does the firm practice? Who does the firm serve? This is normally tied into what many call vision, which can be thought of as a broad idea of what the firm is working toward and hopes to achieve in the future original source.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, values refer to everything that is important to the firm. It encompasses everything that the firm works toward within and outside of the law office. Conde argues that these three statements define a firm’s identity. They should be clear, realistic, and achievable. If the character of a firm changes over time, they should be changed to reflect the firm’s new reality. As firms grow and meet their firms, their vision and values will ultimately change to fit the reality of the current situation.

Ricardo Tosto is a respected member of the Sao Paulo bar. Having built one of Sao Paulo’s preeminent firms, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, from a single-attorney firm, he is also an authority on practice management and building. Ricardo Tosto believes that the key ingredient to building a successful firm is the commitment to one’s ideals, in other words, mission, vision, and values.

In addition to heading up one of Brazil’s top law firms, Ricardo Tosto has been recognized nationally and internationally for his commitment to the practice and teaching of law. Ricardo Tosto holds a bachelor’s degree in law from McKenzie University in Sao Paulo, Ricardo of resume.

Sam Tabar Ventures in the Energy Business

Sam Tabar is known for his skills as a capital strategist. He graduated from Columbia Law School which is a requirement for young college graduates who intends to practice. Upon graduation, his career kick-started at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP.

At this law firm, he took the role of an Associate. He was mostly sought after when clients were in need of counsel in regards to hedge fund formation and structure. He also dealt in agreements that involved investments, issues that arose due to employment contracts, regulatory, and compliance issues.

In the year 2004, Sam Tabar got a job with SPARX Group and Investment Advisors. Following his experience, he was quick to scale up the ladder. With no time, he rose to become the Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development in the firm. A few years later, he joined the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

He was given the position of Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. In 2013, he went back to practice law as a Senior Associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He was in charge as a legal advisor to hedge funds.

In December 2015, Full Cycle Energy Fund issued a press statement that they had hired Sam Tabar as the Chief Operating Officer of the company. This position gave him the responsibility of the firms fund management structure and strategy.

He said it was such an honour to take the role of COO with the company. Partnering with the leaders in the company would ensure they achieved the company goals which were; moving to a less pollutant fuel, less expensive, and environmental friendly.

His experience in budget strategies and management practices constituted the reason for his hiring. Additionally, to his management experience, he had years of expertise as a lawyer. His skills as a lawyer would help the energy organization have a solid foundation in all areas that required legal counsel.

Full Cycle Energy Fund aims at producing Energy by environment friendly methods. It was formed in 2013. The company converts costly environment problems to sources of energy through pollution free methods. The energy is used to power communities

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Leadership Changes And Adjustments Made By Rick Shinto For InnovaCare Health

Every successful business undergoes leadership changes every now and then. There are many reasons why businesses change leadership. Among the common reasons for leaders to change is that one leader retires. Another occurrence can result in leadership change is if a leadership position is removed altogether. For one thing, businesses have to regularly adjust to the changing world so that it can serve customers as efficiently as possible. It is also important for companies to be very wise in their spending so that they can profit and serve more customers because in the end, businesses are there to serve the customers.

InnovaCare is one of these companies that have undergone a lot of changes in leadership. Rick Shinto himself has initiated the changes because he has seen where there could be improvement in the services. When Rick has made the changes, he has set out with two goals in mind. One goal was to streamline the company for more efficiency. The other goal was to get it ready for expansion into other markets so that it could reach more customers. In order to do so, he has looked for workers that have a lot of skill and experience. He has found people that are able to take the company towards a new era of productivity.

Among the people Rick Shinto has sought out are people who have a lot of experience with Medicare and Medicaid. This is very important because InnovaCare works on providing different policies and types of coverage on Medicare. Among the people he has picked out was Johnathan Meyers. Meyers has experience working as the Director of Actuarial Services. Rick Shinto has shown that he knows the type of people that are needed for his business.

Among other leaders that are on board for this new phase of InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope has managed to stay on board because of her experience and expertise in leadership positions. She has held positions at Centerlight Healthcare as Vice President and other leadership positions. Rick Shinto has deemed her trustworthy and reliable enough to hold positions as a leader in InnovaCare Health.

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Scaling Career at Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Agency is a talent agency that develops and nurtures talents and career of models and actors in the media industry. The company focuses more on commercials, film, print, fashion and television. Brown Modelling Agency was founded in 2010 by Justin Brown and has risen fast to be ranked top in the industry in Austin.

Brown Agency has produced models that have worked with big companies like Toyota, Louise Vuitton, Dell and many others; the models have also been to top runways organized, New York fashion week, Austin fashion week and the likes. The agency selects the best talents and trains them to be even better; that has seen Brown Modelling Agency receive a lot of applications.

Being a model does not only require tall and slim and Brown is giving opportunities to people who are different. Aside from the runway where the designers always choose the tall and slim, there are: plus size modeling, which the agency says they are in demand the only condition, is the model must be at least 5’8. Commercial print, depending with the product and the target audience they require different people with no particular features as long as you can smile and pose an opportunity can present itself. Real life TV and commercials always want to portray the life people live so anybody can be signed; the age, body size or height is a non-factors. Brown Agency

Brown Modelling Agency is known all over and their social media can prove it; in Instagram, they have slightly over five thousand followers and more than a thousand in Twitter. The president Mr. Brown himself was a model in college, so he understands what his models require and how to help them grow; so he encourages more people to apply to be part of their team and let him take their careers to the next great level.

The Work And History Of George Soros

George Soros is known today for being perhaps the most successful hedge fund businessman in the world. His net worth is up in the billions. He achieved the American dream and far more than most could hope to achieve. George Soros enormous wealth made him decide to put his money into his Open Society foundation and into political matters.

In the last year, George Soros donated millions to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. He put trust in her to successfully lead the United States of America, handle the battle against terrorism, and to help the refugees who are in need. George Soros and the other big donors to the Hillary Clinton campaign watched their candidate lose to the businessman and reality television star Donald Trump in the election.

George Soros openly criticized Trump as doing the work of ISIS for them. He pointed out how the inflammatory language used by Mr. Trump that was directed at blocking Muslim refugees and how he would destroy ISIS gave the terrorist group something easy to use as propaganda for recruitment. George Soros pointed out that Donald Trump would likely continue this inflammatory language that would help ISIS gain numbers. The President Obama administration fought hard to encourage people to use the term daesh instead when speaking of ISIS on President Obama never used language that could easily be used as propaganda when he discussed the fight against ISIS.

The history of George Soros explains his concerns about the refugees and how to best battle situations of violence. Soros mentioned his past history while being interviewed for a Forbes article. He is originally from Hungary and grew up during the Nazi occupation. The Soros family were Jewish, and knew that to survive they would have to hide who they were. They openly resisted the extermination of Jews by creating fake papers for their entire family. Soros said they did what they could to help other Jews in Hungary also obtain fake papers to hide their identity on After the war George Soros lived as a migrant for some fifteen years in Great Britain. He was able to obtain an education while working hard as a waiter and other jobs. His education led him onto the United States. It was there that he made a considerable amount of his fortunes as a hedge fund businessman.

His experiences as a migrant and as someone who had to hide his identity to survive, made George Soros create his Open Society foundation. The goal of the foundation is to encourage education, fight for human rights, and to encourage the countries of the world to work together to make a stronger world. Soros also pointed out his dismay at Trump is largely because of his displeasure at seeing Trump continuously act as if all Muslim refugees will cause terrorist attacks to happen. Soros points out that as a migrant he was treated fairly for the most part. From his experiences, he suspects the blocking of those in need as something that will cause anger and more suffering for those in war torn areas.

Now that Trump is president and has already angered a number of countries and American citizens with an unconstitutional travel ban, it appears as if the concerns raised by Soros are proving to be true. Here’s hoping that the future Trump administration will not continue this way. It will harm global relations and could result in further hostility and growing numbers for terrorist groups.

How Oncotarget Can Potentially Save Lives and Make Progress in The Field of Science

Oncotarget is making contributions in the world of science at an extraordinary pace. It is a world that is quite challenging for the greatest and smartest of minds. However, that does not mean that an ordinary citizen should not strive to learn as much as they can about the world of science. If each person is to spend some time from time to time on understanding science, they may be able to contribute to a world in which we as a human races are and will be striving to make as much advancements in a field of study that may enable us to potentially eliminate all diseases that exist in the world. Would that not be a beautiful world to live in? That is the ultimate goal of Oncotarget.

Oncotarget is updated on a weekly basis in with some of the latest findings in a field of study that is thoroughly researched and analyzed. However, it’s imperative for people to ensure that they’re navigating through websites that enable them to attain legitimate sources of data and researched periodicals on a regular basis. If someone is unable to have access to the most researched findings that are true in their elements, then they will not be able to grasp the true elements of science, thus, being able to make any contributions to science, ultimately, making the time that they have spent on researching useless. Time is something that we cannot take back, therefore, it’s imperative for one to ensure that the studies they conduct are worth the time that they invest in it. Oncotarget periodicals and researched findings are scholarly reviewed, thus, making it a website that can be considered as being reliable and trustworthy. Do not neglect your necessity of conducting your scientific researching based on true and factual data, as opposed to information that is false or inaccurate. Visit Oncotarget on Impact Journals to begin your researching today.

Copa Star Hospital; Rio de Janeiro’s luxurious hospital

Imagine walking in a luxurious hospital fitted with state of the art equipment! The environment itself will relax you right? This is what you will get when you visit the Copa Star Hospital.

The objective of launching the hospital was to provide a modern hospital with state of the art equipment. They also wanted to offer luxurious hospital that the patients can be proud of.

Whether you are going in for check up or follow up, you will be attended to by the most qualified staff. The most interesting thing is that the staff members especially the nurses undergo a through rigorous training. They are equipped with the information on how to deal with patients and offer specialized treatment.

It is their specialized equipment that makes the hospital to stand out. They have designed smart rooms that contain iPads that are located at the side of the beds. The patients can use these devices to control the lighting of the rooms, the curtains and also communicate with the doctors via video conference. The doctor, in turn, can use the iPads to share the results with the patients

The hospital has included robotic equipment that help during the surgical procedure. The neurosurgery rooms have been designed with magnetic imaging equipment.

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The hospital has spacious rooms that your family can use when they can to visit you.

The Hospital is a large hospital, and therefore they have integrated different processes that will enhance the maximum performance of the hospital. It seats on a 21,000 sq. Meters and it has nine operating rooms, 59 ICU units, and 155 units.

The architecture of the hospital has been designed to radiate light in the entire hospital. There are over 200 Toyota pieces that are displayed in the hospital. The entire hospital is lit which provides a peaceful ambiance. Visit their page on

The greatest challenge that the patients in the ICU experience is depression because of the isolation. Being disconnected from the world can worsen their condition. That is why the hospital has decided to create a system that is going to help the patients overcome their depression. They have installed large screens in the isolation rooms. These screens are connected to a camera. The camera takes pictures of the streets and displays them on the screen. This helps to motivate and also keep the patients calm.

The hospital has enhanced the images by putting the cameras on the tallest buildings in the area. This will help them to display the real time pictures of the beach.

Copa Star Hospital is part of the D’Or group which has announced that it will open additional Copa Star hospitals in other areas including Sao Paulo and Brasilia. The group was founded in 1977.